I have a CAMS licence, do I get a discount to look after my car the best I can?

Yes, please contact us.

We are a CAMS affiliated car club, do you do group buys?

Yes, please contact us.

We are a NON-CAMS affiliated car club, do you do group buys?

Yes, please contact us.

We are a race team with an ABN, can we get a volume dicount?

Yes, please contact us.



Do you have a warranty?

As an Authorised Dealer, we offer manufacturer's warranties.

For more information on specific brands please see:

Cannot find what your looking for? Please contact us.


What is a 'VIN'?

A 'VIN' is the abbreviated term for a Vehicle Identification Number. It is a seventeen digit code recorded on your vehicle registration papers, or on the alloy plate under a car bonnet. A VIN contains almost all information about a particular vehicle, from its colour to when it was manufactured. The VIN displays a car's unique features, specifications and its manufacturer. 


Why do you need my VIN?

Your VIN contains no personal information about you at all, however it tells us ever little bolt that was put on your car.

Checking the VIN is the most reliable way to ensure compatibility of a part with your vehicle.

Car manufacturers continuously make changes and improvements to existing models. The nature of these changes can vary, but the important thing is that two cars of the same model, produced at different times, can differ significantly.


Where can I find my VIN?

On your rego papers, service book or stamped on your vehicle as per the below image:



Do you offer International shipping?

Not on all of our product offering's due to distribution restrictions. Please contact us to check and where applicable ascertain a quote.


Do you ship anywhere in Australia?

Any where covered by Australia Post's coverage. For items that do not meet Australia Post's shipping requirements are sent via TNT Express.


How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship whenever possible by Australia Post. Some items need to go via a courier when they do not meet Australia Post's maximum measurements.

Please see Australia Post's coverage information here.


Can I pick up my order?

Yes. We have 2 stores located in both Lidcombe and Croydon in Sydney, NSW.

For Lidcombe pick up, please use the coupon code: PICKUPLD

For Croydon pick up, please use the discount code: PICKUPCD

We will advise you once your item is ready for collection. If you change your mind and want your item posted, please contact us to arrange payment.


How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with details with a tracking number. Any issues, please do not hesitate in contacting us.



Can you fit my part(s) and/or accessories?

Yes we can! Please contact us or book online




Do you accept returns?

Yes, within 30 days. This excludes electrical & safety items as defined by the specific manufacturer.


Who pays for return shipping?

Return Shipping is paid by the buyer if there is a change of mind OR the buyer provided incorrect vehicle details OR the buyer purchased an incorrect part without checking compatibility with us OR for any reason(s) other than the buyer receiving a faulty item. Otherwise, return shipping is paid by Phil Gilbert Parts.


Can you send a refund to another bank account?

No, refunds will be processed via PayPal for everyone's security.


Can I return specially ordered parts?

All specially ordered parts are non-returnable, or a subject to a 15% handling fee. 

Refunds for specially ordered parts are at our absolute discretion.

Specially ordered parts deemed faulty by the manufacturer are eligible for a full refund via the original purchase method.


Your question wasn't answered? Please contact us.


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