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Velocé Tuning Parts & Enhancements

Phil Gilbert Parts Velocé Tuning specialise in Toyota HiLux, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota 86, Hyundai Veloster and Hyundai i30 enhancements. 

Each tune is custom-designed for you and your car. Our head engineer and his team who have bought technology from Europe to Sydney, Australia—we are car enthusiasts, just like you—have enhanced the technology to improve your car’s performance cost-effectively. 

Using a combination of OEM designed parts combined with aftermarket enhancements we can dial in as much power and style as you want or need. It’s all up to you and your Velocé Tuning advisor. 

The calibration and support team
Our calibration team has been at the forefront of vehicle tuning for more than 20 years, with experience in a vast array of vehicle types including: V8 supercars, T86RS cars, production series race cars, drag cars, boats, agricultural machinery, road bikes and high performance bikes.

Velocé Tuningare the trusted brand for everyone from retirees towing a caravan, to government departments and large corporations managing large vehicle fleets.


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